Louvre courtyard glass pyramid woman Paris
Trinity at the Louvre, Paris © 2017 OMF

My name is Trinity and welcome to RUE DE VARENNE. One of my favorite streets in Paris, the rue de Varenne is a place I return to, each time learning something new about art, architecture, history, and myself. Although I appreciate discovering new places, I especially love the way a city, visited repeatedly, reveals itself over time. For nearly twenty years, my work in the arts provided me with wonderful travel opportunities. Although I embraced these solo adventures wholeheartedly, in recent years I’ve been fortunate to travel both abroad and closer to home with my husband. It’s a joy to share these experiences, and to discover and rediscover places through his eyes.

RUE DE VARENNE is a travel guide in the format of a memoir, where I recount experiences that reverberate with me over time. Travel is an investment, but the most poignant moments are not necessarily the most lavish or expensive, they can be as simple as sitting in an old church admiring paintings and stained glass, wandering where historical figures have walked, enjoying the afternoon in a park, walking for hours exploring back streets, and learning about other ways of life through observation of, or conversations with, people.

Several years ago I developed a gluten intolerance, and in early 2017 I joined my husband in adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. I’ve found that these needn’t be hindrances to partaking in amazing food. Through research ahead of time, and some wonderful connections I’ve made on social media, we enjoy meals wherever we go.

Whether you’re looking ahead to new adventures, reliving happy memories, or seeking ideas to bring the spirit of another place into your daily life, I hope you will find inspiration on RUE DE VARENNE.



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