small piazza church Christmas lights ladies at outdoor cafe table

Vegan & Gluten-Free: Rome

When we decided to visit Rome while in Europe this winter, I worried I wouldn’t find many vegan and gluten-free options. As I embarked on my research, I learned that Italy has a very high rate of Celiac’s Disease and food safety is taken seriously. Many restaurants offer gluten-free pasta and pizza. Though if you have Celiac’s Disease you...

round portico of a stone church Santa Maria dell Pace Rome

The Sibyls, Santa Maria della Pace, Rome

Tucked between the Piazza Navona and via dei Coronari, in my favorite area of Rome, sit Santa Maria della Pace and the Chiostro del Bramante. After visiting these two gems, my slow travel itinerary would include meandering through the lanes, visiting antique shops on via dei Coronari, and enjoying lunch at an outdoor table while admiring Renaissance and Baroque...

Castel Sant'Angelo Rome river bridge angels ancient Roman building sunset

A Winter Day in Rome

One night, I dreamed that I was alone in the darkened streets of Rome. Rounding a corner, there was the Pantheon, lit up in the night, its enormity and beauty breathtaking. Stunned, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see it if only in a dream. What was I doing there? Why was I alone? It would be...

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