Happy Birthday, RUE DE VARENNE

view from window light iron scroll work autumn trees

A year ago today I published my first post on RUE DE VARENNE. Suddenly, my reflections, travel tips, and photographs had a place to come together and be shared with others. As a child writing poems and stories in my bedroom, and a creative writing major in college just before the internet became widely available, I never imagined I’d reach so many people from all over the world. Thank you for reading and for your support!

tree lined path covered in yellow leaves autumn Paris

I hope RUE DE VARENNE not only provides useful travel tips but also provokes thought and dialogue about travel preferences, aspirations, and the things we carry with us long after the trip has passed. A yoga teacher once said, “yoga is a practice, not a perfect.” The phrase can also apply to travel. Casting aside notions of “perfect” and “should” opens possibilities for new experiences and a lighter heart.

detail of carved gray door brass knocker Paris

We just returned from an amazing time in Paris. There were a few romantic rainy days, which we adored. On others, the late autumn light and shadows were breathtaking, the sky a brilliant blue. We visited favorite and new museums, went to more classical concerts in old churches, ate delicious food, enjoyed walking for hours, and sat in cafés watching Parisians when we needed a break. I will share new discoveries and tips soon. If there are particular places or things you’d like to read about, in Paris or other locations, please use the comments section or the contact page. I’d love to hear from you, please don’t be shy.

woman standing in front of large green doors with lion's head door knockers Paris
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My dear husband took this photo of me in front of my favorite doors at 46 rue de Varenne. They are enormous! You can read more about them and the history of the street in my first blog post from last year.

Thank you for a great year on RUE DE VARENNE!




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